Take part in Urban Drug Policies Conference 2016!
Drug Policy & Public Health experts from around the world confirmed as speakers for UDPC2016 in Warsaw.
Polish Drug Policy Network
(Possession of) Marijuana kills in Poland
The politicians were right: marijuana kills. Especially when swallowed wrapped up in a plastic bag, while fleeing the police.
Dawid Krawczyk
At the UN, New Voices Call for an End to the Drug War
The preparations for this year’s Commission on Narcotic Drugs in March were fraught with discord.
Karolina Walęcik
Machon: Prohibiting a little weed? What damage it did!
War on drugs is a disaster. I saw its fatal consequences, when worked for MI5 - claims Annie Machon.
Interview by Martyna Dominiak
Recreation on the grass
Graham Boyd i Alison Holcomb from Drug Policy Alliance tell about roads to marijuana legalisation in Colorado and Washington states.
Interview by Jakub Dymek and Joanna Tokarz-Hartig
From drug fighter to Russian politician
Drug policy in Russia might be barbarian. A drug addict is often treated in a worse way than a criminal. The leader of Russian war on drugs Yevgeniy Royzman won the race for mayor in Ekaterinburg, despite being suspected of some crimes.
Nazaryi Sovsun
Medical marijuana? Not in Romania
“Romania Legalizes Medical Marijuana, Becomes 10th EU Country To Permit Theraputic Use” – announced Huffington Post this week, quoting the most prominent media channels to initially report on the news. If it were only true..
Joanna Tokarz-Haertig, Claudia Ciobanu
Ukraine obtained a chance for progressive changes in drug policy
On main postulates of the new drug strategy.
Olena Kucheruk
Ukraine gets new drug strategy
From now the problems of drug addicts will be dealt with by medical institutions.
Nazariy Sovsun
Blue Monday
On Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year, the two Polish weeklies decided to drive Polish readers to despair with the standard of Polish journalism.
Marcin Chałupka